iPhone Running Android Now Possible, Dual Boots to iPhone OS, Too

April 22, 2010, By Alex Ion

We interrupt our regularly scheduled coverage of the new iPhone, to bring you news about the current iPhone which has been caught running Android OS. That’s right folks, a Linux iPhone that can dual-boot on either iPhone OS or Google’s mobile OS, Android.

While this iPhone is only using Android 1.6 (get 2.1 in there folks), we’re still excited to see it happening, and wonder … does Jobs care about it?

Apple is well known for doing everything humanly possible not to allow users to make many changes to their precious iPhone (and iPad), but it looks like one crazy hacker has done. He brought the competition, in this case Google, onto the iPhone.

For what is worth, the Android-powered iPhone is capable to surf the web, allows you to make and receive calls, to send and receive SMS messages, play games or listen to music, among other things. Right now, although functional, everything is in “alpha mode” but we’re being assured that a final version will be available soon (and we’re hoping for Flash support, yes).

All you need is the guts to mess with Steve and the gang.

What do you guys think? Would you port Android to your iPhone?

(via LinuxOniPhone)

Update: if this Android port goes smooth for 2G/3G iPhones, it looks like it will take some time before it’s available for the 3GS.

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