Download PS3 Update 3.30 Now, New Features Include 3D HDTV Support & Trophy Updates

April 22, 2010, By Alex Ion

As expected, Sony have officially rolled out the PS3 Update 3.30. Playstation users who will download firmare 3.30 for their gaming console should know that the update comes with lots of exciting new features. And by new features we mean 3D HDTV support, which means you’ll be able to play 3D games at home directly on your TV, and a number of Trophy updates.

Just to clear things out, the new PS3 Update 3.30 won’t bring full 3D support, which means you won’t get to play on those soon-to-come Bravia 3D displays — but hold your horse, Sony promises in the next few weeks, they’ll bring it on. Meanwhile you can enjoy playing AIN, WipeOUT HD, MotorStorm Pacific Rift, or Super Stardust HD.

Other goodies include better ways to sort and compare your Trophies. According to Sony, the PS3 update 3.30 allows you to sort Trophy Collection in the Game Category (by title, by game’s name or by date) as well as comparing them in the Friend Category.

One last thing. It looks like the new firmware update has quite a few hidden features, and one that grabbed our attention is a reworked version of Flash for the PlayStation 3 browser — which means we’re looking at a totally different YouTube experience.

We’re also being told that this update brings BD Audio Output and PC remote play.

Sounds like fun, don’t you think?

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