Dell Aero Full Specs Confirmed, Release Date on AT&T Ahead of Lightning and Thunder

April 22, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A slew of smartphones are in the works at Dell. Names like the Lightning, Thunder and the Aero are being discussed in detail all over the Web. Among the new upcoming smart handsets, the Dell Aero is expected to debut first – by Q2.

In comparison with the peers, the Dell Aero falls short of expectations if the specs in discussion are something to be taken note of. The Aero is expected to come driven by a seemingly slow 624MHz Marvell processor. That sums it up on the performance front. Though it remains a fact that we are indeed looking forward to seeing the Aero soon – a leak says that the device would get in to the AT&T network by the second quarter of the current year – the Marvel chip doesn’t have anything to lure us to the stores.

The phone would arrive sporting a 3.5-inch capacitive multitouch screen. Significantly, Dell is said to be attaching a stylus along with it so as to help in recognizing handwriting. Other features would include a QuickOffice and would supports Microsoft ActiveSync and Exchange so as to help to stay mobile as you pursue your business operations while on the go.

Dell has also displayed a slant toward social networking sites and in the process would be bringing into the device support for aggregated notifications from social networking majors. The Aero will also sport capabilities that bring in on-device photo editing, and also will have under the hood a WebKit browser with Flash Lite, plus a media player.

Meanwhile, it is also being sad that Dell might bring in a refreshed  Android 2.1 sometime between the third and fourth quarters to the phone. We are yet to find out whether the Aero would ship with Éclair or would it have an update. Let’s wait for Q2 to come.

(Via Engadget)

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