Maingear eX-L 15 Gaming Laptop to Featur Fastest Mobile Graphics to Date

April 21, 2010, By Alex Ion

Maingear have upgraded their eX-L 15 gaming laptop to bring the world’s fastest mobile graphics to date.

While that has a lot of appeal to gamers who’d like to be able to play no matter where they are, the eX-L 15 is also bragging to feature Core i5 or i7 processors for better battery performance, and the new ATI Radeon HD 5870 graphic card. That’s probably why Maingear think that’s the “fastest 15-inch HD gaming notebook on the market.”

Speaking of the HD 5870 GPU, as you probably know it’s a DirectX 11 capable card that outputs 1920×1080 video content on a 15.6-inch LED back-lit screen. Other specs include up to 8GB of RAM, a whole range of different hard drive or SSD choices, eSata, Firewire, four USB ports, and a webcam in case you need it. It runs Windows 7 Premium and has both optical Drive DVD and Blu-ray burner options.

Another interesting feature is the way Maingear have found a workaround to prevent heating –a dual heatpipe cooling design for both the CPU and GPU with Artic Cooling thermal paste.

“The eX-L was designed for maximum performance in a portable package,” said Wallace Santos, CEO and Founder of MAINGEAR. “With the DirectX 11 performance of the Radeon HD 5870, we’re not only able to provide that performance, but do it with exceptional visual quality for today’s and tomorrow’s hottest titles,” he added.

All these come at a price though. The Maingear eX-L 15 gaming laptop will set you back some $4,000 if you want the big monster, or around $1,600 if you want to go with the entry-level model.

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