HP Slate Early Review Now Available, With Goods and Bads

April 21, 2010, By Alex Ion

When we first heard about the HP Slate, we were confident that HP will build a device that would really compete against the iPad — which between you and I, lacks features we’d like to see in a serious tablet PC. But since HP is keeping tight-lipped about the whole thing, all we got are rumors and speculations.

Well folks, things changed today when we found out that a human being actually got some time with the HP Slate and came up with an early review. A review that somehow shatters all our dreams, at least if it stays as is right now.

By now, you probably already know what the HP Slate features under the hood. So let’s see what are its strong points and its weaknesses (according to the said review, which we tend to believe it’s true).

HP Slate issues, compared to the iPad

  • “long and annoying” loading times for the OS
  • the back is made of plastic — “cheap” feeling anyone? something like the Bold 9000 back would be nice
  • it’s thicker than the iPad, if you care about it
  • battery not that good : only a 5-hours autonomy
  • there’s a smaller multitouch screen: 8.9-inch

HP Slate strong points

  • front-facing camera (can’t say I’m all hyped up about it)
  • 3-megapixel camera on the back — that’s a neat addition
  • 1080p HD video playback support (a must)
  • Dock connector: two USB ports, HDMI, audio jack and power outlet

From what it looks like, HP Mexico have already acted to take down the HP Slate review article, but thanks to our good friends from TFTS, we got the scoop.

So what about you folks? Do you think the HP Slate will improve before it debuts on the market, or are we going to get stuck with this one? I still think there’s a chance to make the HP Slate compete with the iPad. Don’t you?

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