How to use TwingDings to Add Personality to Your Tweets

April 21, 2010, By Desi Mikkel

Last week I wrote a how-to entitled, ‘How to use Funicode to add style to your tweets’. Since you already have style, I figured it was time to go a step further and show you how to add some personality as well, with images in your text.

Like Funicode, TwingDings offers a selection of text styles for you to choose from. Unlike Funicode, TwingDings integrates with Twitter (instead of copy / paste) and allows you to add dingbat font images to your tweets. To see how you can use TwingDings to spice up your tweets, read on.

Note: TwingDings is free of charge beta project that connects to Twitter for the purpose of publishing tweets that include fun fonts.

TwingDings: Fun Fonts for Twitter

Go to Twitter and log-in to the account that you want TwingDing to send your tweet too.
In a separate tab or window go to

You should see the following page

You will see an empty text field where you can type your tweet and character limit displayed in the top-right hand side.

Note: The default text style is ‘Plain’ and gives you a 127 character limit, but some text style choices have a much lower character limit. For example, blockhead only  allows 17 characters.

Click on the font that works for you and type in your message. If you have space and want to include a dingbat font image, choose one from the drop down menu box provided. When your message is ready click ‘Update’.

You should now be directed to twitter and shown a preview of your message in the chosen font style. If you like what you see, go and ahead and tweet.

Your all done, and should now see your twingdings tweet in your Twitter feed. Congrats!

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