Ali and Hadi Partovi Brothers Leave MySpace

April 21, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Ali and Hadi Partovi, two twins who are well-famous in the IT world, have decided to leave MySpace for good. Things haven’t been looking well for MySpace on the whole lately, and it’s no real surprise that the duo have decided to depart.

The news came to light in an internal memo left to the staff around Tuesday by Hadi, in which he apologizes for not giving prior notice earlier. Not both of them are leaving the company completely though – that will be just Hadi who will resign for good, while Ali will remain as a sort of an advisor.

The Partovi brothers joined the MySpace team last August in the middle of some very heavy changes in the company, and they were responsible for developing iLike, a social music startup which was initially a stand-alone application brought over to MySpace some time later.

Some have been arguing that MySpace is a dying service that’s nearing its end, owing mainly to Facebook, and there does seem to be some truth to that, sadly.

[ Via CNET ]

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