Trade-in Your HTC Hero for an HTC Desire; Supposedly Costs £50 on Orange UK

April 20, 2010, By Atul Roach

The world of gadgets is never devoid of rumors and here comes the latest one from UK where it is now a wide spread belief that Orange is trading in an HTC Hero for an HTC Desire and all that the company is charging for the exchange is £50.

Confirming this information is a difficult task as Orange itself has avoided queries but it is being reported that at least one Orange UK customer was offered the Desire upgrade for £50 despite the fact that his 18-month contract was not being due to expire for almost a year.

The customer logged on to his Orange account looking for options to upgrade the HTC Hero and we was surprised to find the HTC Desire also listed. The Desire was available in colors brown and black and the black version was rightfully coming soon.

What is though not clear is whether the customer was eventually able to order the HTC Desire through an Upgrade scheme or not. There have been conflicting reports as a few people who login to their Orange accounts see the HTC Desire listed while some others don’t.

We are sure Orange will be ready with a clarification concerning the same issue as soon as possible and we promise to keep you informed. [Courtesy: Pocket-Lint]

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