iPhone 4G Prototype Costs Gizmodo $5,000; Or More if Apple Sues Them

April 20, 2010, By Alex Ion

For those of you who had your heads firmly implanted into sand, the good folks from Gizmodo have managed to get their hands on a genuine iPhone 4G prototype. They took lots of pictures, tore it to pieces, and showed the world what the new iPhone will look like. But did you guys know that they had to pay some $5,000 to an Apple employee to get their hands on one?

Apparently Nick Denton, the owner of Gawker Media, owner of Gizmodo, said in a recent Tweet “Yes, we’re proud practitioners of checkbook journalism. Anything for the story!” He later added, “Yes, we already disclosed that we paid $5,000. And, yes, we’ll do anything for a story. Our only obligation is to our readers.”

While that’s not change for you and me, it is for Gizmodo. But what if Apple sues the company for obtaining trade secrets and then making them public knowledge. We’re no lawyers, but Apple may have something in there. So could the iPhone 4G cost more than $5,000 to Gizmodo?

Should Apple sue Gizmodo and if they do, is it possible the gadgets blog will close gates? We think they shouldn’t, but that’s because they’re our geek pals.

What about you guys?

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