How to Make Tweets without Limits

April 20, 2010, By Desi Mikkel

Every wanted to say something on Twitter that took more than 140 characters? With Twishort, a free online app, you can say as much as you want. When tweeted your followers / subscribers will see an excerpt of your rant, thought or break though idea and a link to the rest of your tweet hosted on Twishort, if they are interested in reading more. This can be a very useful tool for those who have more than 140 characters to say on a subject and don’t have anywhere else to post it to, such as a personal blog. Plus it’s nice to have integration with Twitter, to make it easy to tweet your thought when you are all done expressing yourself.

Note: Twishort is free of charge web application that connects to Twitter for the purpose of tweeting tweets that link to related longer posts.

Getting to know Twishort

Go to

Click the ‘Sign in with Twitter’ button

You will be directed to Twitter and asked if you would like to give the Twishort application  ability to access and update your Twitter data. If this is ok with you, click ‘Allow’

You will then be redirected back to Twishort and should see something similar to the following page

In the empty field provided, type in whatever it is that you have to say and click the ‘Tweet’ button when done.

Once published your tweet should now appear below the box / empty text field.

Optional – Now go to your Twitter profile to see your Tweet published there.

Note: Anyone who clicks on the Twishort link in your tweet will be sent to your new Twishort account and be able to read the rest of your tweet displayed independently on a single page.

You can edit your Twishort tweets, but these edits will only appear on Twishort’s site and will not appear on the excerpts already published on Twitter.

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