BlackBerry OS 6.0 full details and screenshots leaked

April 20, 2010, By Thomas Antony

If you are a BlackBerry fan, we got some good news for you. The guys over at BoyGeniusReport, from one of their AT&T sources, have been able to get their hands on a lot of stuff along with full screenshots of RIM’s upcoming operating system, the BlackBerry OS 6.0.

The browser has been revamped and wrapped in a cool new skin and comes complete with tab switching, new favorites, and multitouch.

The tab switcher view shows a nice transparent overlay. It is not known about the maximum number of tabs that you can have open at a time. The media player has been also redone quite a bit. You can browse the Album art using your finger and touch the specific album cover to start playing.

RIM has finally implemented system-wide kinetic scrolling with rubberbanding, allowing for a much fluid experience when scrolling through lists, emails, messages etc. Multitouch support has also been enabled system-wide, from the photo viewer to the web browser. Everything from the message inbox to the homescreen to the photo application has been given a makeover. The whole UI has nice clean, gradients and a very modern feel.

The new BlackBerry OS 6.0 is supposed to hit the market come June/July 2010. RIM may also be preparing to announce OS 6.0 at the WES.

Head over to BGR for the full review.

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