Best Buy Canada Now Taking Pre-Orders on the Motorola Backflip

April 20, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Motorola is preparing for the launch of three Android-powered smartphones featuring MOTOBLUR in Canada, namely the DEXT, QUENCH and the Backflip – and, setting the MOTOBLUR aside, there’s something in common between all three – we don’t have a clue on the release date.

However, as of today, one of the three devices – the Backflip – may be making its way onto the world soon, seeing as how it’s now been made available for pre-order at Best Buy. The deal will cost you $50 for the deposit, after which you’ll be notified when the phone is available for pick-up. Sure, it doesn’t mean it’ll be released right away tomorrow, but it’s still a pretty good sign that we’re getting close.

The problem with this deal is that they’re not making it clear what the final price is, so you’re stepping on a bit of a risky ground here – but we’re expecting them to be rather easy-going on people backing out of their pre-order deal if the final price turns out too steep.

[ Via Nexus404 ]

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