How to Hide Facebook Game Updates

April 19, 2010, By Desi Mikkel

Suppose on Facebook you love to play the game ‘Hide the Monkey’ but aren’t a big fan of ‘Lets Play Doctor’ (maybe cause lets play doctor is full of perverts who just want to ‘play doctor’ with you). However, all your friends love ‘Lets Play Doctor’ (maybe cause they find this type of game entertaining 🙂 ) and now as a result, all you see on your news feed are updates for a game that you don’t even play and are frankly, not that interested in.

To find out how to ‘hide’ game updates that you don’t want, keep the one’s you do and not miss those more interesting personal updates (which is the whole reason you signed up for Facebook in the first place… right?) that might be getting drowned out by all those ‘Let’s Play Doctor’ game updates… read on.

Note: ‘Lets Play Doctor’ and ‘Hide the Monkey’ are not real games , or at least I don’t think they are. These (I hope) fictional Facebook game names were created for the purpose of using humor to help illustrate a point. If these games are real, I’m sorry I didn’t know and please don’t take the above scenario personally.

Hide Updates for Games you Don’t Play

Go to and log-in (if your not already)

Go to your Home Page and set your News Feed to ‘Most Recent’

Scroll Down your feed till you see a game update from someone for a game that your not that interested in or don’t actually play.

Hover over the top right corner of the game update and a ‘hide’ button will appear. (This is important, if you don’t hover the button won’t appear) 🙂 Now, go ahead and click on it.

You should see a bar appear in place of the game update that was there, giving you a few options. You will have the option to “Hide Friend” (which I am guessing you don’t want to do, otherwise why would you have friended them on Facebook in the first place?) “Hide Game” or “Cancel”. If your absolutely sure that game updates from this game are not that important to you… then click hide game. If your having second thoughts then go ahead and click cancel and things will resume as normal.

Yeah! You have successfully hidden updates from this game and should see a message that’s says something like: “Let’s Play Doctor has been hidden from your News Feed. To manage who appears in News Feed, Edit Options.” This tutorial ends here, but go ahead on click on ‘Edit Options’ if you are feeling adventurous.

Have more game updates that you don’t want to receive? That’s easy, just repeat the steps above. Although you will have to do this for each game, you won’t have to do this for each message. Hope the above tutorial was useful to you and don’t forget to share this information with your friends as they may not want to see your ‘Hide the Monkey’ game updates just as much as you don’t want to see their ‘Let’s Play Doctor’ updates.

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