Apple’s Upcoming iPhone 4G Found on a Bar Floor?

April 19, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Apple’s iPhone 4G is nearing its launch, and as usual, many rumors surround it. The latest one is quite peculiar – it occurred in a bar, where the phone was apparently found in a box from an iPhone 3G.

There haven’t been many first-hand impressions yet, sadly, but from what we’ve heard there is a front-facing camera, 80 GB of storage memory, and it can’t be booted up right now – thought according to witnesses, it could be booted up initially, and its OS was noticeably new. It’s worth noting that, according to some, the phone had some resemblance to the alleged leaks that were going around the Internet lately, despite the claims they weren’t real.

We’re yet to find out details about this strange “leak,” as we’re not even sure if it’s an actual production model or an accidentally lost prototype that shouldn’t have been made public. For all we know, this could be another publicity stunt by Apple, so we’ll keep you informed as the situation unfolds.

[ Via CNET ]

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