Apple iPhone 4G Leak Hints at Real Device as More Details Surface

April 18, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The iPhone 4G leak reports have been grabbing headlines, and we understand how curious you are to know more on that. The latest we have is that the iPhone 4G, spotted a couple of days ago in a San Jose bar, is indeed closest to the real thing. In fact, it is being tipped to be as real as a prototype device can be.

From what we try to make out, the iPhone HD/4G that has been spotted out there would come for real with a higher-resolution screen, a higher-resolution camera – flash included – on the rear, plus a front-facing camera. We might also get to play with the MicroSIM cards and a large wide screen. At least, these are what the pictures of the leaked device tell us.

Enthusiasts who have been spending most of their time looking at the images also feel that the device could have under the casing 80GB of maximum storage, which is way higher than the earlier expected 64GB.  Seen as a device with aluminum panels on the exterior and push buttons that would enable audio controls, the iPhone 4G seems like a device we have all been waiting to come.  

(Via Electronista)

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