White BlackBerry Bold 9700 Available on T-Mobile From May 5th

April 16, 2010, By Alex Ion

If you’d like to stand out from the crowd and the new BlackBerry Bold 9700 is the handset you need, then you should know that T-Mobile USA have confirmed a white special edition model to be available in their stores from May 5th.

Probably one of the best RIM smartphone to date, the Bold 9700 will be available in white with T-Mobile and will cost as much as the black version, for $129.99 if you get your name on a new two-year contract with the US carrier.

For now there’s nothing official regarding its international availability, but word on the street is that the UK will be getting the first white BlackBerry Bold 9700 ahead of its American debut. And for those who wouldn’t mind a good rumor, we’re hearing that T-Mobile UK and Vodafone UK are gearing up for an April 20 debut. No word on pricing, yet.

So what about you guys, is this white Bold 9700 sleek enough to go with your fancy … everything?

(via TmoNews)

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