Opera Mini for iPhone Downloaded 1 Million Times

April 16, 2010, By Atul Roach

We’ve tracked the development of the Opera Mini browser for the iPhone pretty well, right from the time it first reached Cupertino for approval to the time it became download-able through the App Store. Therefore, it is so very compelling for us to share its random success at the App. Store with you.

Just in case you doubted the popularity of the uber fast browser specifically designed to function on cellphones, there have been 1 million Opera Mini apps that were downloaded on its first day at the App store.

We are into day three and still counting as the Opera Mini application has become one of the most popular applications at the App store. It is also the number one downloaded free app in 22 different countries including Australia, France, Germany, the UK and the US

The only reported problem with the browser on the iPhone this far is that of a bug which has got something to do with the incorrect rendering of web pages on some websites. Nonetheless, the bug fix will arrive pretty shortly and this is nothing that can stop the rise of the Opera Mini browser at the App Store. [via: Coated]

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