New iPhone (4G) Debuts Sometime in June, SaskTel CEO Says

April 16, 2010, By Alex Ion

Adding to the pile of rumors about the new iPhone (iPhone 4G or iPhone HD as some call it), we’re hearing from Saskatchewan-based SaskTel that the device will be out in the wild, sometime in June.

The news comes from Robert Watson, CEO for the Canadian carrier, who was talking to the Leader-Post about their new 3G network that will be launched on July 1st (currently, SaskTel is a CDMA network). He said that “the good news is that (Apple) is coming out with a new version of the iPhone in the June time-frame and they’re going to put us on that. So we’re quite excited about that.”

It doesn’t come in as a surprise that Apple is going to take the wraps off the new iPhone in summer, the interesting part is Watson may have some inside scoop and he just spilled the beans — needless to say Apple may not like it.

I’m not sure about it, but that’s either a silly marketing solution for the very regional SaskTel to draw some attention their way, or it’s really the major news we’ve all been expecting.

What do you think?


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