MeeGo Version 1.0 Gets Demoed, Looks Minimalist

April 15, 2010, By Atul Roach

While there are talks already in the air about the arrival of MeeGo version 1.1 in October, the two involved parties that is Nokia (with its Maemo) and Intel (with its Moblin) have come up with the first demo of MeeGo version 1.0.

You can obviously talk in detail about MeeGo when the software will finally start featuring in notebooks and cellphones but for now, from what we see, the software looks pretty minimalist and that is because it is still under development.

Frankly speaking, the software has visibly picked more DNA from the Moblin than the Maemo and we call it minimalist because there isn’t something creative on view as yet. All you get to see are customary features (taking into consideration other platforms) such as icons offering access to tabs containing mail, the web, settings, and PDA functionality.

Also on view is a task-bar that alerts a user about social networking applications, 3D games support features and other integrated devices upgrades. We will let the video do the talking now.

[Credit: Engadget]

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