MacBook Pro 2010 Upgrade Makes Sense, Reviews Say So

April 15, 2010, By Atul Roach

Apple is an habit of quickly updating the MacBooks and the 2010 update just took Cupertino 10 months in all, because of the growing popularity of the latest Intel processors. May be the reason to upgrade the MacBook Pro would be different in reality but the fact is that the updated models have arrived. What we now need to asses is whether this upgrade does make sense at all.

On the outside, the 2009 and the latest models look almost the same so these machines have been cranked up on the inside to do a better job for the Apple freaks. The 13-inch variant hopefuls will be a tad disappointed for the Intel Core II Duo was retained but, there are still some features that got tweaked.

Talking about the new features, the users get a refreshing new battery which takes care of your errands for a proud 10 hours, something which will make the gadget more popular in the future. With an improved battery, the speeds have also improved, thanks to the i5s and i7s and the hard-drives can store more data than ever.

Honestly, the latest model isn’t a far cry from its predecessor, but, it still is a better machine in many ways and therefore the upgrade is a sensible one for us.

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