HTC Hero Android 2.1 Upgrade Coming End of April

April 15, 2010, By Atul Roach

For once, you need to appreciate all of us here on DM as we so rightly predicted that the Android Eclair update for the Sense UI laden HTC Hero will arrive at the end of April. The verdict has now been confirmed so dearly by none other than HTC itself and it is time that the Hero users gear up to enjoy the updated Android OS courtesy of this Eclair update.

Thanks to the desperate Android admirers at ThisAndroidLife as they took the pains to directly contact HTC and find the exact status of the update. Agreed that end of April’ isn’t too specific but it still feels good to know that the upgrade will happen pretty soon.

The reply that they got clearly states the arrival time of the update and it also mentions that it will definitely be an OTA update. The users will be informed via a pop message and HTC will also inform people through their official website.

Social networking bases like Facebook and Twitter will also be updated about the upgrade arrival. It is not long that all you HTC Hero owners will tell the world how the Eclair eventually feels. [via: Phandroid]

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