HTC Droid Incredible to Make You Forget About the iPhone 4G ?

April 15, 2010, By Atul Roach

The Verizon subscribers have been tormented by the elongated wait of the iPhone arrival and matters have only worsened with reports that the iPhone 4G (CDMA) will eventually make it to Big Red stores. The tortured bunch finally have something more real to think about in the HTC Droid Incredible and this is one smartphone which can make them stop worrying about the Apple branded smartphones.

With iPhone 4G clearly being a device that will be limited to 3G speeds, people can ignore it as a face-lifted variant. Comparatively, the HTC Droid Incredible is a fresh offering with features that are going to make the Android experience all the more special and intriguing.

With the iPhone, the Big Red hopefuls are not just sure as nothing conclusive has ever been mentioned by Cupertino or for that matter by Big Red itself. HTC Incredible will never turn out to be a tormentor such as the iPhone as the handset has already been confirmed.

Once the users get to feel the phone in their hands on April 29, the iPhone mania will sure be gone forever. Even the Nexus One wait will be a bit less painful as the Incredible is a high quality Android device which betters the Nexus One on paper, plus, there is no multi-tasking bug being discovered as in the case of the Google branded smartphone.

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