Android Twitter Application Officially Announced, You’ll Be Able to Download One Soon

April 15, 2010, By Alex Ion

Only days after buying Tweetie, Twitter made an official announcement that they’ll be launching an Android app. Guilty to spill the beans was the company’s co-founder, Evan Williams, who mentioned in his keynote speech at Twitter’s own Chirp conference that after the BlackBerry and the Twitter for iPhone apps, an Android Twitter application will be offered to users shortly.

Twitter Android app

For now there’s no word if Twitter will be doing the whole coding for this or if they’ll acquire an existing app, but if the latter is to happen, popular Android clients like Twidroid or Swift come to mind.

The announcement comes after investor Fred Wilson’s disappointment that Twitter start-up are coming up with all sorts of products meant to fill in where Twitter failed (or never though of) so far. Which leads us thinking that Twitter is really serious about improving their service and seems like mobile access is far too important for them to leave it other people’s hands.

“We found we were under-serving users”, Evan Williams said. “We realized we had to have a core experience on these major platforms just like we do on the Web, otherwise we are failing users”, he then added.

What do you guys think of an Android Twitter application?

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