Nokia Delaying the N8 / N8-00 Flagship Phone Until July

April 14, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Delaying appears to be the trend this day, as just after Apple announced that the iPad will be postponed, Nokia have come out with an announcement stating that the N8 / N8-00 flaghsip phone has been delayed until the middle of July.

Apple’s delay is more or less understandable, but Nokia’s isn’t so much – actually, according to most the handset should be released as quickly as possible since most people will be more willing to get the iPhone 4G or HTC EVO 4G in July, which are both more attractive than the N8. This makes Nokia’s decision questionable, as they should be supposed to be in a hurry to catch the “sweet spot” for releasing their phone.

Nokia haven’t explained the delay yet, and we’re certainly very curious to hear about it from them – according to a tip from someone in O2 UK, the N8 is already present in O2’s stock update and will be sold when it’s ready to arrive.

[ Via Nexus404 ]

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