iPhone 4G Car Kit to Arrive with iPhone OS 4.0 ?

April 14, 2010, By Atul Roach

The iPhone 4G arrival is a big question but what is also interesting is whether this phone will ‘also’ mark the advent of an Apple branded car kit. It is the pre-release beta of the iPhone OS 4.0 which is spurred this new belief. The beta version interestingly contains a new application that could solely be used to control an Apple device when in an automobile.

The feature in the iPhone OS 4.0 is dubbed ‘iPod Out’ and it can be used with the iPod Accessory Protocol in automobiles.

There is a potential chance that exactly the same feature could be used in an Apple-branded car kit, where the user will dock his iPod and the iPhone to gain access to the onboard audio libraries.

The potential car kit could include a video screen to display the menus along with custom physical buttons to toy with the menu options available. There is no direct connection between the iPhone 4G arrival and this custom car-kit existence but yes, both arriving together will get the Apple maniacs drooling. [via: Appleinsider]

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