How to Make a Slideshow on MySpace and Show Off Your Photos

April 13, 2010, By Desi Mikkel

So you’re on MySpace and you want to show off some new pics to friends and/or fans? Learn how to make your own slide show using the MySpace Slideshow Creator and how to add it to your MySpace Blog and/or get the code to add it somewhere else. This way your friends and/or fans can sit back and marvel at how technically savvy you are, all while enjoying your new photo creation.

Note: To complete this tutorial successfully you will need to have pop-ups for MySpace enabled.

Making your own Photo Slideshow

Go to MySpace and Log In

On your left under your profile pic, you will see ‘Photos: Edit / Upload’, click ‘Edit’

You should then be directed to a new page and see a row of links (under where it says ‘My Albums’), click on the ‘Create Slideshow’ link.

You will then be directed to Myspace’s ‘Slideshow Creator’, go to the ‘Pick a Style’ box on the left and pick the video transition style that you would like to use for your slideshow. Once clicked on, your choice will be outlined in red.

Example: I chose ‘Side2Side’

Now that you’ve chosen a style, click the ‘Choose an Album’ bar and choose the album you want to use in your slide show. If you want to use all your MySpace photos, select the “All Photos” folder. Again, your choice will be outlined in red once selected.
When you’re ready to share your creation, choose the ‘Share!’ bar. You will have the choice to ‘Post to MySpace automatically’ or ‘Copy & paste… code’ provided, if you would prefer the have your slideshow appear somewhere else. Before choosing, make sure to specify the size and shape of your slideshow from the drop down menus. There is also a link that gives you the option to preview before making your final decision.

Example: I chose ‘Size: Small’ and ‘Shape: Standard’ which just happen to be the defaults.

If you chose the ‘Post to MySpace automatically’ option, you should see a pop-up asking you ‘New Blog Post?’. (note: this may not show up if you have pop-ups on MySpace disabled through your browser.) In the ‘Body’ area, you should see a preview of your new slideshow. Fill in a subject title and choose category from the drop down menu that accurately represents your new slideshow. Add a note to include a more detailed description and choose the privacy level that your most comfortable with. When done click ‘Post’.

If you have completed all previous step successfully you should now see your new slideshow posted on your MySpace blog. Now you can add a comment if you choose, linking to this how-to guide to show your friends how to do the same. 🙂

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