Download Opera Mini for iPhone Now, It’s Been Approved to the App Store

April 13, 2010, By Alex Ion

For once, folks from Apple have gone the other way and have decided to actually give a green light to Opera Mini for iPhone by approving the mobile browser into the App Store. Already available for download for free, it’s a bit confusing that Steve and the gang are ok with non-Safari-based browsers, and more to it with Opera Mini 5 — a browser much faster than the one the iPhone comes bundled with.

“We are delighted to offer iPhone and iPod touch users a great browsing experience with the Opera Mini App,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. “This app is another step toward Opera’s goal of bringing the Web to more people in more places.”

First thing you’ll see when running Opera Mini on your iPhone is that pages render extremely fast (especially on slower networks such as the 2G Edge network). Opera Mini 5 has some multitouch action (you can pinch to zoom, while double tapping only fully zooms in and out), allows you to “Find in Page” and with all its data compression capabilities, it promises to help users save money (especially when in roaming).

The Opera Mini App is available right now from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at

Here’s a video with Opera Mini at work on the iPhone.

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