Samsung Galaxy S Gets FCC Approval for AT&T 3G Bands

April 12, 2010, By Atul Roach

We did hint at the Samsung Galaxy S arrival at AT&T US stores almost a week ago and to the ‘dismay’ of Android OS lovers, the smartphone may eventually be headed to AT&T. The high-end Android based Samsung Galaxy S has managed to pass the FCC approval on AT&T 3G bands but AT&T hasn’t confirmed the handset as yet.

There is every chance AT&T might endorse the Galaxy S as the iPhone market for them is already saturated and AT&T is keen on offering some giant Android devices, Samsung Galaxy S being one of them.

AT&T currently offers Motorola Backflip as its only Android device and the Dell Aero is next in line. Apparently, AT&T hasn’t until date announced a heavy-duty Android device and therefore the Samsung Galaxy arrival appears more evident.

It sure is big news as far as the AT&T subscribers are concerned but they should only celebrate if AT&T is not determined to make the Super AMOLED blessed handset a virtual iPhone. AT&T should let the Galaxy S be the device it is and not just decide to cripple its Android capabilities. [via: BGR]

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