How to Add your Website to Google’s Search Engine and Gain Visibility

April 12, 2010, By Desi Mikkel

Have a website that needs more traffic? Learn how to add your website URL to Google’s search engine and make it easier for people to find you. Gain visibility and traffic from people interested in your site, with the steps outlined below.

Note: Although Google makes no guarantees, and does not add all submitted URLs to their index, or give an exact date or time when or if your site will appear, the following steps have worked well for site owners.

The Eight Steps to Google Inclusion

Go to the website you want to add to Google’s Search Engine
In a new tab or window, go in your web browser.

You should see the page pictured below.

Copy the website URL (of your main page) that you want to add to Google and paste it in the URL field on Google’s Add URL page.
In the Comments section, include tagline or describe your site in one sentence.
In the very bottom field under the image of squiggly letters, type in what the sqiggly letters say to help Google confirm that you are indeed human and not a software bot taking advantage of their system. Even though this step is optional it is, SUGGESTED.
Click the ‘Add URL’ button.

Yeah! You’ve now submitted your site to Google and should see the page pictured below. Congrats 🙂

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