How to Add Your Twitter Account to WeFollow and Get More Followers

April 12, 2010, By Desi Mikkel

Have a Twitter account that needs more followers? Learn how to make your Twitter account more visible to people interested in subjects you tweet about by adding it to the WeFollow Twitter directory. Don’t know how? No sweat, just follow the steps listed below.

Note: you can do this two different ways the long way (which gives you more tags, suggest categories as you type, and makes a nice little tweet for you when you are done) or the short way (which gets the job done, but provides no extras).

The Long Way

Go to Twitter and log into the Twitter account you want to have listed in the WeFollow Twitter directory.
Go to , this should redirect you back to Twitter, to a screen which will ask you if you would like to connect the application WeFollow to your Twitter account. If this is what you want, click “Allow”.
You will then be redirected back to WeFollow and prompted to fill out a form that asks you to include your location/city and your top five interest. The info you input will be used to formulate a tweet reading something like “Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #city #interest01 #interest02 #interest03 #interest04 #interest05” These hashtags represent the categories under which you can be found on WeFollow’s Twitter directory at once you are added.
Once you’ve finished filling out the form, look to the bottom of that same page and check the boxes that work for you. You will have to choice to uncheck the “follow @wefollow in Twitter” box and/or check the “use your Twitter URL as your WeFollow profile” box.
After your done checking and/or unchecking boxes, click the ‘send’ button. If you are successful you should be sent to another page displaying a message similar to “w00t! Congrats (your Twitter username here)!”
Yeah! You’ve completed the task at hand and can now go about your daily business 🙂

…or take the shortcut

The Short Way

Send a tweet to WeFollow from the Twitter Account you want to include in their directory, with the three categories that you want your Twitter account visible in.

Example: @wefollow #writer #entrepreneur #news

After some time has passed, use WeFollow’s search bar to check the directories you signed up for to confirm you appear under each tag submitted. (note: this part could take a while).


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