Meizu mBook, Dubbed iPad Clone, to Come With All Features the Apple Tablet Boasts Of

April 11, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Post-iPad, its now time for a clone of the tablet. Meizu is believed to be working on such a device, and will be naming it the mBook. Incorporating all the features that Apple’s 3G iPads have, including GPS functionalities and high quality music playback, the Meizu mBook will be presented as a slightly smaller device compared to the iPad.

mBook will come as an 8.4-inch device that would be capable of playing 1080p. As in the case of the iPad, the mBook will also boast of the same 1024×768 resolution and capacitive touch screen. Besides, an HDMI output to show HD video at full size will be notable features. To be powered by a 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor, the mBook will be a good buy when it comes to battery life too. As far as we know, battery life extends to almost 12 hours.

Though talk of the iPad clone is now being splashed all over, there has been no hint of when the mBook would start shipping.  Going by the specs and the progress in design, we would like to set a tentative 2011 date. And yes, we know, you would want to know what is on the pricing front too. Let’s go hunting for more details to bring all those information for you. Stay tuned to now more on that as info starts trickling in.

(Via Electronista)

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