Verizon HTC Incredible Launch Confirmed for This Month

April 8, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It has been quite a while we have been hearing of the HTC Incredible, among other upcoming handsets. However apart from the fact that the phone will be hopping on to Verizon, we haven’t had many details so far. A launch date has started emerging finally and it is being said by the guys at AndroidandMe that Verizon execs themselves have confirmed an April 29 unveiling.

In fact the potentially true launch date stems from an email that is being circulated among Verizon employees, hinting at the launch of a handful of new devices. The email gives us enough food for thought with the tagline which reads ‘ 3…2…1… Ready for liftoff?’ and super-scribed with the words: “New devices launching ‘really’ soon!”

This is one publicity blitzkrieg, we tend to believe. We all know that the phone is being readied for lift off, at Verizon Wireless. This makes us look ahead for April 29, which isn’t at all far away.  

We just hope we get to lay our hands on this incredible device, as it is being tipped by the industry and enthusiasts. (A BestBuy-Verizon notification image is posted below, incase that interests you).

(Via AndroidandMe)

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