BenQ to fully focus on e-book readers than tablets; nReader color version roll out likely this year

April 8, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

BenQ seems to have its plans well charted out. In spite of the attention tablet makers out there are garnering, BenQ wants to keep off that domain and instead focus fully on developing e-book readers. From what the company president has recently stated, BenQ will concentrate on e-book readers than any tablet device. BenQ has lined up its nReader in a color format.

The color nReader which is expected to debut before the current year draws to a close,  is seen by the Taiwanese major as raking in the revenues by way of better sales.

BenQ, in fact, is betting big on the nReader – its color version in particular. Apart from being easy on the eye, e-book readers have a host of advantages which should be taken note of, the company believes. One such add-on would be the superior battery life its e-book reader would boast of. Compared with the Apple iPad, e-book readers can go on and on when it comes to battery power, the company says. BenQ is focusing in that aspect, citing that the nReader battery  can last as long as two weeks without a recharge. Meanwhile, the iPad battery can run only up to 10 hours.

However, the negatives that haunt e-book readers are the slow-pace functionalities that cut the fun out of video viewing, as also absence of a color display. BenQ is likely to address these issues as it readies the color version of the nReader. We just hope to see it this year.

(Via Yahoo News)

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