AMD’s New 6-Core Phenom II X6 Processors to Feature Turbo Core Automatic Overclocking

April 8, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

AMD have always been in a sort of race with Intel, and lately they’ve managed to keep the distance pretty tight. Intel are still in the process of transitioning their desktop line of processors to their Core 2010 series that feature Turbo Boost – yet AMD have announced Turbo Core, technology which is supposed to rival Intel’s.

Turbo Core is an auto-overclock system that works in a very streamlined fashion. The main idea is that out of the 6 cores, 3 are downclocked temporarily in order to give the other 3 a boost for more streamlined operations. The Phenom II X6 will also be compatible with the current AM3 and AM2+ sockets, which is great news.

There are no details on pricing yet, though at least we do have a table showing in-depth information about the processors themselves along with a rough release period in the form of a year quarter. Seeing as how the processors are relatively close to showing up, we’d expect more information to become available soon.

[ Via Engadget ]

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