Plastic Logic QUE proReader E-Book Reader Likely to Arrive by End of June; Priced a Bit on the Higher Side

April 7, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Time and again, we have been hearing something about the Plastic Logic e-book reader. The latest is that the company has lined up a shipping date for its new QUE proReader . If things work as planned,  the much awaited Plastic Logic QUE proReader will ship by the fag end of June.

Considering that June isn’t far off, we expect Plastic Logic to keep its word. We guess, it will. So what are we to expect in end-June?  As per specs available, the QUE will be a 8.5×11-inch touchscreen reader that boasts of 3G connectivity. Plastic Logic is expected to roll out the device as a thin product that houses some unique e-reader software.  Connectivity options will also include WiFi compatibility.

As far as we know, the QUE will let you download RSS feeds and let you read standard files, such as PDFs.

To be offered for a price of $650, for the 4GB Wi-Fi model, we think the device is a bit over priced. Compared to the  Kindle, and the Apple’s iPad, it certainly is. Meanwhile, we learn than a 8GB model with 3G would come for $800.

We just hope the device arrives on the said date. When hints are dropped of a fag-end-of-June date,  we guess we should look at a June 24th  or 25th.

(Via Electronista)

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