Nokia Tablet Rumored To Be in the Works; Said To Be Eyeing a Release This Fall

April 7, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Apple iPad is spurring peers to churn out rivals. In one such case, we hear that Nokia too has thrown its hat into the ring to make a competitor tablet. If the rumors are to be believed, Nokia might have its potential tablet – which incidentally is tipped to take on the iPad – ready by this fall.

Talking of tablets, Nokia has had its brush with tablet technology long ago.  Remember the N700 and the N800 series that were rolled out of the Finnish major’s assembly line?

After having churned out small tablets in the form of N700s and N800s, the company had stepped back to its usual ways by making the traditional N900 smartphone. Going by a claim by Ashok Kumar, an analyst with Rodman Renshaw, the phone maker has already kick started efforts to make its tablet.

What we would like to believe is the tablet plans by Nokia would be ably supported by the phone maker’s alliance with Intel for the hybrid of Maemo and Moblin Linux, named MeeGo. So the tablet might debt, if it actually does, with a touchscreen interface. Speculations are that it might work with ARM and Intel processors. It is also being said that the Nokia tablet would cost a tad less than the Apple iPad! The claim by Rodman Renshaw’s Kumar point to such a device. We will have to wait for an official confirmation, though.

(Via The Street)

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