iPhone OS 4.0 to Bring Multitasking, Third-party Apps and iAd Mobile Advertising Platform

April 7, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The unveiling of the new iPhone OS 4.0 mobile platform is  just hours away. Even as the hype builds up and is set to reach the zenith, it is being said that new OS will bring in third-party apps multitasking support on to the platform. This apart, Apple’s own mobile advertising platform, nicknamed iAd, is also expected to arrive along with the new iPhone OS 4.0 platform. Get set for something absolutely new!

Multitasking features on the iPhone would be amazing. Don’t you think so?

In case you have started nursing doubts as to whether multitasking would eat into your battery life, fear not. Analysts have been saying that multitasking will not actually affect battery life. Further, it won’t also force older iPhone  and iPod Touch models also lag. However, we have no confirmation form Apple on whether multitasking would in any way impact battery life. What we are looking forward to is to seeing the next-generation iPhone 4G being able to offer us a feature we’ve been longing for.

When the new mobile platform gets unveiled, even the earlier iPhone and iPod Touch versions could hop on to it, and offer multitasking features too. It is also being said that the new Apple iPad also will support multitasking as days go by. This apart, the iAd feature too will be something to watch out for. Is Google listening?

(Via Apple Insider)

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