Xbox 360 Firmware Update Brings USB Storage Support, Finally!

April 6, 2010, By Atul Roach

After an enormously long wait, Microsoft is convinced that it has earned enough money from the Xbox 360 gamers who had to buy a proprietary 360 memory card to store save files and games. The latest firmware update for the Xbox 360 that shall be available any time today will add the much-awaited USB storage support to the gaming console.

This should have been a feature of the Xbox 360 ever since it existed but, we can stop being caustic now, and rejoice the fact that our USB storage devices will finally work with the Xbox 360.

For the gamers, it is easily the most important Xbox 360 update although, it doesn’t do much other than adding the USB storage device support. There are a couple of impositions which were expected of Microsoft as it took eternity to open support for USB devices on its popular gaming medium.

The USB device used for storage of Xbox 360 related content will have to be absolutely clean so you can already start wiping up the data in there. And, the storage of content on a USB will be limited to 16B and this is how MS ensures that you cannot play music files all day long on the Xbox 360. [via: Multiplayerblog]

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