Verizon HTC Incredible nears launch as the CDMA iPhone talks Continue to Baffle Fanatics

April 6, 2010, By Atul Roach

Verizon is closing in on releasing the HTC Incredible and a Tweet (snapshot) that mysteriously vanished from Verizon Twitter account within moments of appearing is what has confirmed the smartphone arrival. As per the vanished’ Tweet, the HTC Incredible running on Verizon is that good thing which will come to ‘those who wait’.

Trust me, Verizon users are the most patient when it comes to waiting as they have eternally waited for the iPhone and the Google Nexus One has been their new tormentor.

The iPhone talks especially were dead and buried for a while but a Wall Street Report that spoke about a CDMA version of the iPhone enlivened them again. AT&T does not support the CDMA network and Big Red is the biggest CDMA carrier in the US, which is why people are again talking about that Verizon iPhone.

It should be understood that Apple and Verizon are not at all talking about an alliance and these CDMA iPhones could be manufactured for China alone. It is therefore recommended that the Verizon users should apparently stop thinking about the iPhone and should in turn, focus their energy on the ‘incredible’ HTC Incredible.

Amidst all this, I am still not sure what they should do about the Nexus One and for that, I will require all your blunt answers.

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