Nokia N8 Confirmed by Foosball-themed Viral Ad, Reveals No Specs or Pricing, Yet

April 6, 2010, By Atul Roach

Nokia is ready to roll the first Symbian^3 laden smartphone codenamed (probably) N8-00 and a confirmation of the promotional advert being readied has come through a Tweet (from TV camera operator Danny Gagatt) that talks about a Foosball-themed Viral Ad.

As per the Tweet, Nokia is planning to release a viral ad video for the device nicknamed ‘Vasco’ for Vasco da Gama. Interestingly, Gagatt has now pulled out the Tweet and has protected his feed but the already captured screen shot already talks about the ad video having a Foosball gaming theme to it.

This Tweet has given a lot of hope to the Symbian^3 admirers who are expecting to know more about the next Nokia flagship. There have already been a couple of leaks which talked about the N8-00 possessing a 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen and an amazing 12mp camera.

The 12MP camera is a rumored feature and so is the HDMI port but nothing concrete from Nokia proves their existence until now. It is time that the Finnish giant pleases us with a teaser as we already know that the smartphone exists. [via: Electronista]

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