Microsoft Unveiling Project Pink Babies, Turtle and Pure, for Verizon on April 12

April 6, 2010, By Atul Roach

Microsoft has long intended to target the consumer cellphone platform and Project Pink is what they codenamed the process of targeting the always connected crowd. The project involved the development of two cellphones codenamed the Turtle and Pure and WSJ along with CNET is claiming that these two handsets will be released on a special Microsoft event that is to be held on April 12.

Both these devices are slated to run on Verizon Wireless’ network and will go on sale within a month after their unveiling at the special event.

The arrival of both these handsets had been predicted over a period of time but the specific release date wasn’t known until now.

As per the rumor mill both these handsets will be touchscreen devices with full QWERTY keypads and they will be available in both GSM and CDMA versions.

The presence of a NVIDIA Tegra chipset is also expected which will help these handsets to smartly manage video and media management capabilities. The arrival is only a week away and we will keep you posted to exactly know what the devices are all about. [via: BGR]

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