iPad UK Release Date Rumored for April 24; iPad to Launch in Less Than Three Weeks?

April 6, 2010, By Alex Ion

British customers would be happy to know that we caught wind the Apple iPad will launch in the UK this weekend. According to a rumor unwillingly “spread” by two sources (confirming one another) cited by the folks over at Bitterwallet,  April 24 is the release date for the highly anticipated iPad, in Britain.

I’m quite certain that most people in the world know what the iPad is capable of, and those who don’t know, don’t care. It’s an Apple device that has built a lot of hype around its name.

So could the iPad debut in the UK on April 24th, following the company’s pattern to launch the device on a Saturday, like they did in the US?


Considering that it should be in stores “late April” (that’s official) there’s still enough time till April 24 (last Saturday in April) for an official announcement.  And  speaking of Saturdays, debuting a product during the weekend makes things more interesting for customers who’re enjoying their days off — meaning more sales in offline stores. Which is why we think we could witness the iPad UK launch in less than three weeks on April 24 as speculated above.

So have you saved for the iPad, yet?

Oh and just so you know, there’s nothing confirmed about that, so better not get your hopes that high. It’s only a rumor for now!

(via BitterWallet)

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