First USB 3.0 Hard Drives Are Here

April 6, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

The USB 3.0 standard has been seen as a solution to the problem of waiting excessively long for USB hard drive-based backups, offering users a stunning 5 gigabits/second rate. However, until now, no hard drives were available that made use of this improvement – this has changed now, though.

The manufacturers who’ve released hard drives using the USB 3.0 standards are Iomega, Seagate, Buffalo Technology and Western Digital – and according to reviews performed by various parties, the new drives completely outperform anything we’ve seen so far by huge bounds. The Iomega Zippy has been noted as an exceptionally good choice, featuring 2 terabytes of memory.

One of the best things about USB 3.0 is the way it’s backwards compatible with the 2.0 standard – you can still cross-use devices between the two standards (though with no speed gain), and if you want to upgrade your USB 2.0 ports to 3.0, you just need an adapter and a new cable. We’ll likely see the new standard used in many more devices as its popularity expands.

[ Via PCWorld ]

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