Sharp 3D LCDs to Invade Smartphones; How About Avatar on your Handset?

April 5, 2010, By Atul Roach

We all have been so hopefully talking about the Sharp developed 3D LCD screen to surface as the Nintendo 3DS display but Sharp is not really interested in discussing gaming avenues. The first brand in the world to come up with a 3D LCD that does not require any kind of viewing glasses, Sharp is showing relevant interest in cellphones.

As far as Nintendo is concerned, Sharp declined to comment anything citing reasons that ‘you could easily guess the name of a company’.

You could be easily watching Avatar on your mobile phones without any special glasses. Yoshisuke Hasegawa, general manager of the company’s LCD business confirmed talking to at least one mobile phone manufacturer regarding 3D LCD displays replacing the general LCDs.

Hasegawa also mentioned that Sharp hopes to eventually replace all of their small and medium sized LCD panels with 3D LCD displays. The new panels should take 10 to 20% of the company’s business in the current fiscal year and 50% of it in 2011. 3D LCD on smartphones already sounds like a plan to me! [via: Slashgear]

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