Lenovo and Samsung to bring forth netbooks based on VIA VX900 processors in June

April 5, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Chances are that you have already heard about the VX900. If you haven’t, it is the new media system processor that VIA had launched last month. The latest is that netbook makers Lenovo and Samsung have already stepped on to the VX900 terrain and are said to have kick started efforts to launch products using the new processor.

Come June, and we might get to see netbooks that sport the new processor that boast of awesome capabilities and laudable connectivity support.

From what VIA has already proven, the VX900 processors will also have the capabilities to accelerate video locally and stream them from cloud-based storage. Lenovo and Samsung now readying VX900 ready netbooks and are speeding up the process, aimed at a June launch.

Tipped as powerful enough to stand up to the Intel Atom processor, the VX900 comes boasting of excellent power efficiency et al. The notebooks that are powered by the new processor will play 1080p HD video with perfection. When net books arrive with VX900 inside, you might get to taste the HD resolution screens in a hitherto unheard of excellence. We are just waiting for June to dawn, and that is just a couple of months away.

(Via DNAIndia)

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