Google logs on to new version of Gmail for the Apple iPad

April 5, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

You now have an iPad. How about some fresh Gmail too on it?  Google knows better, and that explains the new announcement that an enhanced version of its popular Gmail has been designed for the iPad. All set to make the most of iPad’s large touchscreen and the shape the tablet comes in, the new version of Gmail is a result of Google’s efforts aimed at optimizing the mail client for touchscreen devices.

The Official Gmail Blog explains the creation and the product in varied detail. Nothing, in fact, has been left out while making the new ‘Gmail for the iPad’ version.  All the features of the Gmail web app that users have been in love with, be it offline access or whatever, have been included in the iPad version. Further, the new interface is offered  in such a way that user’s conversations are down the left hand side and messages in the right column.

Google had been in the process of building for advanced mobile browsers and optimizing the Gmail interface for touchscreens ever since the iPhone and Androids arrived on to the mobile scene. The innovations reached a landmark with the Gmail for mobile HTML5 web app taking shape. The experiments are to  continue as days go by. The iPad has brought in a new opportunity and Google has launched an experimental two-pane user interface to take advantage of its large touchscreen and tablet form factor. The new interface has the capabilities to make Gmail on the iPad very unique.

So if you are a proud owner of an iPad by now, all you need to is to go to in Safari. Have you logged on as yet?

(Via Gmail Blog)

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