Apple iPad WiFi Issues Reported and The AT&T 3G Network is Already Infamous!

April 5, 2010, By Atul Roach

Cupertino must have been hoping that they get through week one of the iPad release with no major technical issues being reported but, their worst fears have come alive! The iPad WiFi connection is giving problems where the tablet is either unable to connect or the signal strength is very poor. This news is even more scary for AT&T which believes that the iPad is a WiFi driven product.

AT&T will be in trouble when the iPad 3G starts selling as the AT&T 3G network is clumsy courtesy of the data traffic of the iPhone user base.

The WiFi laden device is facing connectivity problems and if a user manages to connect, the speeds are terribly disappointing. One of the iPad users went ahead and tested the connection speeds and found out that even the iPhone 3GS download speed was significantly higher.

A few other users have reported that their iPad is not storing router login details and every time the password has to be re-entered to get connected again. All this makes interesting reading when you ponder over AT&T’s situation. The carrier isn’t just willing to accept that the iPad will put a lot of load on its 3G network.

The problem looks graver now as WiFi isn’t connecting properly enough to please the users. Since it is a data hungry gadget and WiFi isn’t doing well up front, the obvious stress will fall on the 3G network. What excuse is AT&T preparing for that situation? [Courtesy: Techcrunch]

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