Apple iPad gets iWork Pages App, Word Processor Replication Released

April 5, 2010, By Atul Roach

Irrespective of what is cooking between Apple and Microsoft, we are glad to announce that the Microsoft Word proxy for the Apple iPad, the iWork Pages application has finally arrived. It is unclear why Microsoft isn’t giving MS Office for the iPad app. a thought but, amidst these confusions, a Word Processor replica has arrived and it does look very Word like.

The Mac users seem to be able to use the iWork app smoothly but it is the PC users who may feel that a proper MS Word on the iPad would have been better. Nonetheless, when the Mac users can adapt, we expect the Windows users also to make a sincere effort.

The iWork Pages has been simplified for the tablet and the best part is that it is capable of handling complex Word.doc files and importing them to the iPad, while also retaining the original aspects of the transferred document.

The app comes with traditional MS Word features such as paragraph justification, bold, italics, numbered lists and bullet lists and therefore it is quite a handy tool unless Microsoft plans to invade the Apple tablet with the original software. [via: Trendsupdates]

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