WSJ iPad App Subscription to Cost a Whopping $3.99 Per Week

April 2, 2010, By Atul Roach

The iPad dream becomes a reality today and it is being touted as a device that will ‘change the way we read our newspapers’ too. Yes, this is true, but the mammoth press firms should realize that the iPad is not solely an opportunity to make more money but, it is also a brilliant idea to save print media. The Wall Street Journal is seemingly unaware of these pros and cons and that is why it has announced the WSJ iPad app subscription for a shocking $3.99 per week.

Total that out for a month and you will get the online edition of the WSJ for a surreal $17.29. The exclusive subscription will give you access to subscriber-only content areas such as Business and Markets.

Also, courtesy of the subscription, the users will be able to scroll through a weekly archive that can be downloaded and read at any time.

Apart from this, there will be special personalization features available along with the ability to save sections and articles for later reading. For the ones who choose not to subscribe to WSJ through the iPad, the app will be limited to top articles and market data only.

Honestly speaking, WSJ needs to rethink that weekly charge for otherwise, the iPad will not save print media, it will bury it for eternity. [via: Engadget]

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