Sharp Unveils 3D Hand-Held Display Probably for the Nintendo 3DS

April 2, 2010, By Atul Roach

Sharp went ahead and unveiled its first 3D Display for handheld devices at a special event today. Though neither Sharp nor Nintendo has confirmed anything but, it is expected to be the same display that will be present on the Nintendo 3DS. The experts are thoroughly believing it to be the display for Nintendo 3DS as it is apparently the only one available and hence, Nintendo has no options to choose from.

The unveiled technique uses a parallax barrier system that controls how light gets out and produces a 3D image without the need of 3D glasses. The touch-sensitive Sharp 3D screen measures 3.4-inches and it is seen even better in 2D.

The better 2D vision is the courtesy of twice the usual brightness, 10 times the contrast ratio at 1,000:1 and 854×480 resolution, which is found on larger displays.

Other than the Nintendo 3DS usage, the Sharp 3D screen could be used for mobile devices that require 3D imaging. The fact that this screen can adapt to a live video feed could see it being used for both still and motion cameras in the future. [via: Electronista]

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